Satyricon – Dark Medieval Times

Dark Medieval Times is the first studio album by Norwegian black metal group Satyricon. The album was released in September 1993 under the label Moonfog Productions.

The album is, as its name suggests, a tribute to the Middle Ages, much appreciated by members of the group. The tribute is paid by the lyrics dealing with the time, and the use of instruments from the Middle Ages, as the acoustic guitar or organ. Numerous passages on acoustic guitar passages are alternated with more “Black”. Contrary to popular belief, this album was not released in 1993, but in 1994.

First pressings have in the back only the frames with pics of Satyr and Frost and the name of the band and the album, without any other text and without bar code. The booklet doesn’t have any lyrics included, nor does the official band website cite the lyrics, leaving the official lyrics to this album to remain a much-debated mystery.



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